Lock Inn Style

Meals prepared in our kitchen are made from the finest produce sourced, where possible, from local companies. We try to give a clear description of all our meals.

We aim to cook and serve food the way that we like it, and hope you like it too.

If you have any Dietary or Allergy requirements please ask a member of our team. We are always happy to help and advise.



For the current prices, please see our inhouse menu or feel free to ring us on 01225 868068 with any queries you may have. Alternitively email us on fun@thelockinn.co.uk


Evening Table Reservations

Whilst we are always pleased to provide sustenance to anyone who calls at The Lock Inn Café, please note that table reservations for evenings are only taken on the basis of selections of meals being made from our main course menu, and that children or young adults are accompanied.

Large group bookings are requested to pre-order to save time, please note however that we do not commence cooking the order until the group is all present, therefore if one of your party arrive late it is their fault not ours.

We undertake to provide you, the customer, with quality food at the best prices as expediently as is possible.

We extend our warmest welcome to our many guests and ask you to consider the following before entering into this agreement.

Please don't develop any medical condition after your order that requires immediate feeding or, suddenly remember you have a train to catch as we have heard it before.

If alcohol makes you irritable, smoke dope, drink tea and stay at home.

If you have been unhappy with our service or food it may be that you don't know how to be happy, seek counselling and select your dining companions more carefully.

Politics at the Lock Inn

At this café we do right by our staff and customers, you can be assured that the only people that get a wage are hands on looking after you the customer, no chairman, area managers, regional managers company sectaries are sat at home in arm chairs making a draw on what you spend. This gives you better value on food and service.

Hungry Horses

Dick and Jane’s customer charter was made in 1995. We understand it is now used as part of the menu of the Hungry Horse chain. Whilst we are pleased that they have embraced our ethos, we wish to point out that we have no connection with the Greene King pub company or any other brewery, and that The Lock Inn Café remains in its original family ownership.

Al Fresco Dining (The dangers of)

The great outdoors brings with it some dangers. . . If a fly lands on your food, a wind borne leaf settles on your plate or, worse still, a bird poo’s on your head!!! Please remember it is not our fault, be free, be wild but be happy!


Catering is a live performance. Sometimes (but not very often!) we can get it wrong. If you think that we have, please feel free to tell us, but please do not be rude or aggressive as it makes it hard for us to correct the problem and to shower you with love & affection to make amends.

Waiting Times 

How much further ? When do we get to the seaside ? When is our food gonna be done ?

If you feel you have been waiting for your meal a long time please check your time of order at the bottom of your receipt; it may not be as long as you think. Nobody can cook or prepare a meal in less then ten minutes. At peak flow our kitchen can plate and deliver a meal every 1 minute. Therefore as a guide if you order your meal you will have a wait of at least 10 minutes plus the number of meals in front of yours multiplied by 1 minute. Look around, see how many people are sat waiting, you can work out roughly how long your meal is away, relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family but please be assured our kitchen is working as hard as they can to feed you well and feed you fast.